This site is Dedicated to my Little Boy Telford, who passed  away on April 3rd 2009
and to all Retired Greyhounds.
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If anyone has come to this site wondering what it would be like to own a retired greyhound then I can tell you, greyhounds are the best of friend anyone could have. They are loving and loyal but very lazy.
It is wrongly believed that greyhounds need lots of excercise and large areas to run, well they don't. Two short walks a day and your friend will be happy. Greyhounds are very lazy dogs, yes they enjoy their walks but have little stamina, very fast of course at running but only in a short burst and then all they want to do is rest a good couch potatoe.
Most Greyhounds when retired aren't that bothered about running, except if they see a small furry animal that they think they should chase, so unless you have an enclosed space, don't let your friend of their lead, because once they get that sight and want to chase, nothing will stop them.
Most greyhounds live happily with other dogs but if your dog has been solitary for some time, even if they have been raced with others, they could be quite intimidated by other dogs and bark to warn others to keep away.
Greyhounds are great with kids, but as with all animals make sure you supervise young children with your friend. Kids can be quite annoying to animals when all they want to do is sleep and your friend likes to sleep, although greyhounds are laid back and very tolerant, you just never know.
Giving your love and home to a greyhound is one of the best things you can do. A lot of greyhounds are discarded or put to sleep once their racing career has ended while the majority of them have many years of love to give you and your family.
Once you've had a greyhound as a friend you will not want any other breed of dog.
Love your friend and they will always love you
Copyright - David Hallows, Suffolk. UK
Why Adopt a
1. Greyhounds are loyal & loving and will be your best friend.
2. Greyhounds are Lazy & only require 2 short walks a day.
3. Once you've had a greyound you will not want any other breed.
Hi I'm David & I have had two greyhounds now.
My little boy Telford who passed away in 2009 and Chloe who is now my lovely little girl.
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