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This site is dedicated in memory, of my little boy Telford who passed away on April 3rd 2009 and to all retired greyhounds.
Hi my name is David, and my little boys name is Telford. Unfortunately after a bout of illness Telford passed away on the 3rd April 2009 at the age of 9.
I call Telford my little boy, because to me he is my little boy and always will be.
I got Telford after he retired from racing, way back in October 2002 and his racing name was Telford Nipper. (You can get his racing history on the Links Page).
As you can see I'm quite overweight and having Telford got me outdoors and getting exercise. Walking Telford was a pleasure not a chore, as I could see he always enjoyed it, although he would tell me when he had had enough because he would turn around and walk back the way we came, even if I wanted to carry on.
Telford liked his comfort, the settee, my bed anything soft and warm, but would always come and greet me when I got home from work.
Telford was born in January 2000 and was trained for racing. In his racing career he won one race and came second in quite a few, but towards the end of his career he started to be last. Telford was having problems with his front leg and his trainer was told that if Telford raced again he would perminately damage his leg. So that was when Telford was retired. His trainer put the word out that Telford needed a new home as he couldn't keep him if he couldn't race.
From my business partner and a friend of a friend of a friend of the trainer, I heard that a dog needed a home. Being lonely and single and not getting much exercsie, my friend and business partner thought that I would be ideal to have a dog. After very little persuasion I decided to meet Telford.
I had never seen a greyhound race or out and about, let alone own one, so was a little nervous as what to expect. Telford was brought to where I work in the back of the trainers car and I went out to meet him.
Well Telford lept to his feet and came to greet me and licked me on the nose. I knew straight away Telford was for me. It was love at first sight (so to speak)
The trainer lifted him out of the car and I was shocked to see how big he was. He came up to my waist, and I wondered if he was going to fit in at home, but it was suprising how little space Telford actually took up when resting, (except when he wanted my bed for himself).
Telford moved in with me and instantly asked if he could get on the settee with me, (which suprised the trainer, since he had never been kept inside a home before.)
Of course this was now Telfords home, so I said yes and that would become his favorite place to be.
Telford fitted in straight away with my family and they all loved Telford and he loved them, especially when he got treats of sausages (Telfords favourite food)
Telford was a nervous and shy dog towards anyone he didn't know, when I first got him, but over the first few months his character came out and the nervousness/shyness went. He would then bound up to people full of love, while out walking, wanting to be fussed over and couldn't understand why some people would just ignore him and walk on, but that didn't stop him.
The first time I heard him bark was when he saw a cat in our garden, and was that a shock. I had thought greyhounds didn't bark as this was weeks after I first had him. It was loud and manly.
Telford loved travelling, especially when I got my motorhome, he claimed the back bed for himself and loved the holidays we had together.
Telford wasn't a licky dog but did love sniffing and licking the ground when out walking, unfortunately in March 2008 he licked at something that poisened him and although was taken to the Vets he suffered kidney damage and was told that he wouldn't have long.
Telford who loved life, thankfully didn't give up and lasted another year before his condition took a turn for the worst and was in pain, at which point my Vet advised me that the kindest thing would be to put Telford to sleep. With great sadnees I agreed, I couldn't let my little boy suffer. On April 3rd 2009 Telford passed away in my arms and has left a big hole in my life. I am devistated and greaving but thought doing this website would help me come to terms with his loss.
Friends have said to me to get another dog, but at the moment it is too soon and I would feel guilty if I did, no one will replace my little boy, but in time I will probably get another greyhound maybe a girl one, as the years I have had with Telford, has been the best of my life.
I'm sure Telford is now with my dad who passed away in 2005, he loved Telford and Telford would always have lots of fuss from dad when we went to visit my parents, they are now looking after each other and I am sure Telford gets lots of his favourite sausages too.
Telford will always be my little boy and will be greatly missed by all.
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