Retired - Photos
This site is dedicated in memory, of my little boy Telford who passed away on April 3rd 2009 and to all retired greyhounds.
Here are a selection of photos with Telford & Chloe. To enlarge please click on the photo.
Telford at my parents home on his bed.
(Telford wasn't allowed on my parents furniture, although he tried a few times)
Telford and me at my parents home.
(Having a rest outside after a walk )
Telford and my sister Valerie.
(Telford having his favourite treat
Sausages, yum)
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Telford and me at my parents home.
(Presents for Telford, more goodies to eat,
from my mum, sister and brother-in-law)
Telford at my sisters/brother-in-laws home.
(Dog tired but still listening, just in case I might get some treats.)
Telford with a doggie bag of meat.
(Telford always got some meat saved for him when we went out for dinner, yum.)
Telford on holiday in my motorhome.
(A nice day and lots to see, it's good to stick your head out the open window)
Telford at my parents on his bed.
(I'm waiting for some treats -come on
- please - pretty please)
Telford with my brother-in-law David.
(Oh lot's of fuss - I like fuss)
Telford on holiday in my motorhome.
(This bed is mine - all mine
and you can't have any of it)
Telford at my sisters/
(Oh any thing for me?)
Telford in my Van
(Oh that was nice)
Telford at my sisters/brother-in-laws.
(Aren't I getting any of that? -
I am always a good boy)
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telford003008.jpg telford003007.jpg telford003006.jpg telford003005.jpg telford003004.jpg telford003003.jpg telford003002.jpg telford003001.jpg
Chloe relaxing on her two beds.
(Got to be comfy one bed is just not enough)
Chloe at home.
(Yum I like my treats)
(Just relaxing after a hard days play)
Chloe at home.
Chloe and me on a wintery Day.
(What's that I can see over in the distance)
Chloe and me on a wintery Day.
(I'm nice & warm in my coat)
(I'm tired but still want to know what's happing)
Chloe at my sister/ brother-in-laws.
Chloe at my sister/ brother-in-laws.
(Dog tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer)
Chloe on a wintery Day.
(Look at me in my nice coat)