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This site is dedicated in memory, of my little boy Telford who passed away on April 3rd 2009 and to all retired greyhounds.
The Retired Greyhound Trust
If you need any further information about owning & adopting a greyhound or to find out more about your local homefinders then please click on the link below
Telfords Racing History & Pedigree
Link to Telfords racing history, his linerage and stats. Plus a few pictures of Telford.
Greyhound Rescue
A Website dedicated to help greyhounds. A free listing of groups that rescue greyhounds.
A wonderful Greyhound Forum, where you can chat & post photos
Wangford Veterinary Clinic
Walter Stohr saved Telfords life when he got poisoned and was absolutely wonderful with his aftercare and finally his passing. A brilliant Veterinary.
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Chloes Racing History & Pedigree
Link to Chloes racing history, her linerage and stats. Plus a few pictures of Chloe.