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This site is dedicated in memory, of my little boy Telford who passed away on April 3rd 2009 and to all retired greyhounds.
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At the end of September, I thought it was time to get another greyhound. As Telford was my little boy and I didn't want another male, as it would seem like I was replacing him, I decided to get a girl dog.

I had been looking for a while on Great Yarmouth Homefinders website and saw that the females were being rehomed very quickly. One dog though seemed to be dismissed by others wanting a pet.
Chloe looked and sounded nice on the site, but it also stated that she had recently a chipped tibia and that was the reason she couldn't race anymore. Maybe this put some people off, but as Telford also had a leg injury before I get him, this didn't worry me.

I decided that if Chloe was still on the site the next day I would ring and reserve her. The next morning, I checked on the site, and Chloe was the last female listed. Before ringing the homefinders, I checked Chloe's pedigree and to my suprise I found that her grandfather was the same as Telford's, Head Honcho. Wow, it really made me feel that Chloe was meant to be with me. I rang the homefinders and spoke to David Jones, who arranged for a home check and reserved Chloe for me.
A few days later, the home check was done by the homefinders, myself and my home had passed, and I arranged to go to the kennels to see Chloe.

On Thursday, my day off I went to the kennels and met up with David Jones who took me to meet Chloe. Well Chloe came running out of the kennels, sniffing around and not noticing me, so I bent down and said "hello Chloe, your a nice girl", and she came up to me and gave me a lick on the nose. Well that was it, she was going home with me. Telford did exactly the same to me when I first met him. It was really meant to be.
The homefinders were great, they gave me a collar, lead and muzzle. After doing the paperwork, giving the normal donation to help the kennels, a bag of dog food and dog coat bought, it was time for Chloe to get into my car and go to her new home.

Chloe didn't know any commands and certainly didn't know how to get in a car, so David lifted her in and we were away. Chloe sat on the back seat looking out the windows to see were she was going all the way to her new home.
We got home and Chloe jumped out the car. She didn't seem interested in the garden but wanted to have a look at her new home. I opened the door and took her around the house on the lead, so that she could get used to her new home, then I took her lead off and let her wander about, sniffing and explorering. I bought Chloe a bed for the bedroom for sleeping on, and a bed for the living room, for when she was in there. She didn't seem to want the bed in the living room and decided to lay down on the floor after getting bored of explorering.

I then took Chloe to my mums so that she could get used to going out. I had to lift Chloe into the car but she seemed to jump out Ok when we got there. Chloe liked my mum and my mum really liked Chloe. After an hour we went back home. I took Chloe out for quite a few walks that day as she didn't want to go in the garden.

The next day I had to work and Chloe settled being at home on her own just fine. I came back after an hour to check on her, but she was alright. I got a lovely greeting when I opened the door though, a lick on the nose and a wagging tail.

Chloe got a long walk during my lunch break. I put her in the car and taking her to the waveney trail nearby. After the walk, I opened the car door and Chloe put her front paws on the back seat but couldn't figure out how to get her back legs in, so I had to lift her bum in.

A couple of days later, she learnt how to jump in on her own, and now does it without asking.

Chloe is really lovely, during the night her bed is near mine and when I get out of bed to got to the loo, she rolls on her back for a tum rub, and before I get back into bed she makes sure she gets another one.
My whole family loves Chloe, in some ways she is like Telford, but in others completely different. Her personality has already started to come out, and now likes to play with her squeeky toy duck. Oh and she likes me to bring her night time bed into the livingroom for her to lay on during the day. She has been up on the settee, but mostly when I'm at work, as the cushions are on the floor when I get home.

Chloe is such a happy girl, and on Sunday while over my mums, my sister visited who decided to do some knitting, Chloe stuck her nose into her bag and took a ball of wool out to play with. It was very funny, and I wish I had my camera with me.

Chloe has become my little girl, and while I still miss Telford, Chloe has filled my home with her love and I wouldn't be without her now. I'm looking forward to many happy times ahead. .